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Manage Projects; Tasks; Teams; Partners

ClaimColony is simple to use. You can create projects, assign tasks, track and share progress of your team, vendors, partners, and other professionals who may not be a part of your organization. You can now collaborate, in the secured, cloud based ClaimColony and get more done.

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Works on the road and in the field...

While you are on the road or out in the field, ClaimColony is still with you. Using either iOS or Android it is easy for you to collaborate with your team and business partners.

Remain up-to-date with push notifications and quickly follow up on a recent activity with the mobile dashboard. Designed with mobility and quick access in mind, the ClaimColony app for iOS and Android provides complete access to the ClaimColony platform at your fingertips.

Privacy, Content Visibility Control, Permissions

ClaimColony gives paramount importance to security and complete control over your data. You can set permissions for users and partners on what is and is not visible. ClaimColony also allows stakeholders to be observers on mission critical projects.

Notes and documents added by your team in ClaimColony are protected by two dimensional security schemes, controlled by you.

Files, Documents, Movies, Photos

ClaimColony accepts common file formats such as PDFs, Word or Excel documents, Photos, Videos, E-Mails and many more types of your digital assets.

By acting as a central document repository, ClaimColony is your secured cloud platform providing access to your project files for team members or anyone from outside your organization, with permissions, participating in your projects.

You can also search documents and find relevant project information using ClaimColony's robust search system, which can search almost anything in documents, not just the document title.

b2b solutionBusiness to Business Relationships

ClaimColony provides ways to find the right professionals with the right skills required for your projects. It functions as a marketplace for discovering service providers using skill-sets and locations.

ClaimColony allows you to optionally define terms for your business relationships. Now your team can assign work or get work within the terms agreed such as location of work, skills required to accomplish the work.

Also, think of a simple and private social networking platform specifically built between you and your partners for real-time collaboration.

Custom Templates Coming Soon

ClaimColony functions as a generic business process management application enabling you to define what and how you want to capture data from your team.

Templates are customizable forms used for collecting an arbitrary set of data that has value to your business processes. ClaimColony's simple form designer approach lets you setup templates without needing to have any technical expertise.

Customizable Matrix Reports

With two dimensional matrix reports and a variety of data filters, you can build completely customizable reports.

From aging reports to workload reports, drilled down by weekly or monthly; you can quickly generate management reports that gives complete perspective of how your team is working across the projects.

Interactive charts gives you quick insight on what needs your attention. You can also publish your favorite reports to share with team members.

Profiles Coming Soon

Setup and showcase your organization in ClaimColony, letting others discover your company to establish new B2B relationships. Your Profile in ClaimColony is a great place to list your company's location, skills and quality of service.

Discussions, Real-time Notifications, Feeds

  • Are you done with sales reports?
  • Will be updating soon.
  • Great. Just attach in ClaimColony.

ClaimColony uses push notifications, activity streams and email alerts to keep you informed. Intuitive, time line based, consolidated project views provides a complete snapshot of project status.

Free custom domain

Customize and create your company’s unique url to make it look like your own. Once this customized domain is set up, your team members can login into ClaimColony using this domain.

Diary lists, Reminders

  • Need to work with adjusterdue today
  • Collect the documents05/01/2013
  • Need to work with adjusterdue tomorrow

Diary lets you create, organize and check off your tasks and reminders. It is your friend to keep yourself organized.

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